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After School Activities


After School Activity schedules for 2016-2017

IS Dance 1

OVERVIEW: The After School Activities (ASA) department serves to offer a wide-range of courses through which students can learn exciting new skills and develop in an environment free of formal competition. Courses can include:  Ball Skills, Ballet, Basketball, Drama Club, Golf, Hip-Hop, Judo, Tae Kwon Do,Tennis, Mandarin Language, Math Club, Movement, Dance and Games, Robotics, Soccer skills, Story Telling.

EXPECTATIONS: Genuine interest, commitment and active participation by students.

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REGISTRATION: Courses and schedules will be posted online as well as on the various Sports and Activities bulletin boards throughout the school. If your child is interested in an activity he/she may participate during the two-week trial period at the beginning of each school year. Should your child be given a place in one of our activities and wish to continue, he/she MUST then be registered. All ASA registration and payment processes must be completed online under "Registration and Payment".