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OVERVIEW: The ISD Sportverein offers students the chance to compete against teams within the Düsseldorf region in the following sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball and rugby. We additionally offer swimming lessons once per week.

For our Sportverein teams, training is typically one to two times per week and games are played on most weekends. Teams are formed when the school year begins. Seasons range in length from 7 – 9 months, depending on the sport played. Players and families interested in a Sportverein team must demonstrate the ability to dedicate themselves over an entire school year. For older players (U-12 through U-18), it is common for Sportverein and NECIS/ISST teams to consist of the same players. This unique situation provides the student/athlete significantly more playing experience, both locally and internationally, along with the opportunity for long-term dedication to a chosen sport.

EXPECTATIONS: Long-term commitment by players and families, volunteer involvement by parents (game-day driving, snack bar help, team manager).

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FEES: Administration fee = €30,00 one-time, per player. Membership = €150,00 per person, per team, annually.