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NECIS-ISST Calendar 2016-17


OVERVIEW : NECIS and ISST holds competitions in cities including: Amsterdam , Luxemburg, London, Antwerp , Bonn , Copenhagen , The Hague, Stavanger , Frankfurt , Geneva , Vienna , Hamburg , Munich, Brussels and many more! Teams are selective, based on experience and ability level and the seasons are shorter than those of Sportverein teams. The highlight for NECIS and ISST teams is the end-of-season tournament, where schools from around Europe come to play for the championship. In preparation for this event, our squads play several “friendly” competitions against other international schools. Since most of our NECIS and ISST players are also on Sportverein teams, we gain the unique advantage of playing more than most of our competitors, thus typically being  well prepared come tournament time! Typical offerings include soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, golf, swimming, track and field, tennis, softball and rugby.

EXPECTATIONS: Availability for all friendly competitions and tournaments, housing of guest student-athletes by families.

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REGISTRATION: Following selection to a team, players will be asked to register. All NECIS and ISST registration and payment processes must be completed online.


FEES: Fees vary depending on the sport played, the amount of travel per season and the location of the annual tournament (range €250 - €700).